From Ads to Apps

Back in the year of 2006 Pedro and Tiago where just another 2 advertisers working for a big advertising agency in Lisbon.

The daily pressure, the coffee machine and some common hobbies such as taking a PlayStation game to another level started a good friendship. As good friends they started talking about professional ambitions and how it would be ‘cool’ to have their own business. “Surely not pure advertising!”, they agreed.

Web was becoming more democratic every day. It wasn’t the future anymore, it meant serious business in the ‘present’. People where accessing in their homes, jobs and on their mobile devices in all their day-to-day routines. Clients were every day more enthusiastic about this new support: it was cheaper, easier to engage consumers and more accurate in measuring the ROI than traditional advertising supports.

For Pedro and Tiago was like a big giant undiscovered land, with beautiful landscapes and unlimited resources – the perfect place to explore creativity and business.

Off course they couldn’t explore this giant land on their own. To do so they needed a skilful and experienced programmer, a software engineer that could cope and transform ideas into reality.

This was how Leo got invited to the project. Now we had business overview, creativity and technical skills to make the difference. Of course this is probably the story of many other startups of the new era, but it was just like that that I AM was born in 2010.

This is our DNA: we are digitally creative. A software house made by and for millennials with a business and creative background.

From ‘day 1′ this is what we offer our clients: software and other digital creative and business oriented solutions capable of making a statement.

We are I AM.